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Madonna Quot Reading List Speaks Volumes

But perhaps Madonna, 50, was too busy to bang on a book report? Blurb The word was sent to each title for a note in his section.. Pals like Christy Turlington, 40, wrote short essays about their choices. In an effort to take his lifestyle website,, in a literary direction last week, Gwyneth Paltrow invited his friends to share their top titles.
5.2.09 08:21

Sharapova Remains Sidelined

The report said that the Russian tennis player has canceled his attendance at next week indoor tournament in Paris and also missed the following week event in Dubai. Sharapova, 23, has not played from the beginning of August 2008, missing, among other events in Beijing Olympics, U.S. L former world number one remains Maria Sharapova out following shoulder surgery last year, Sport Express paper said today. Open and Australian Open of 2009 where he was the owner..
5.2.09 08:21

Kristen Stewart Takes Doggy To The Doctors

The 18-year-old actress was accompanied by boyfriend Michael Angarano for the short trip. Kristen new flick, Adventureland will be released March 27 the same day as Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson Little Ashes ago.. Kristen Stewart looks tired as she takes over one of his three dogs from Westlake Village Animal Hospital in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (February 3).
5.2.09 08:21

Orlando Bloom Bloom Amp Lewis To Debut New Band Onstage On Thursday

The stars hope to pack the Palace fans while recording a concert stage for their next film Sympathy for Delicious, which is directed by actor Mark Ruffalo. Select fans that show for the free concert will be given lines and some may actually seem to speak with roles in the film.. ORLANDO BLOOM and actress-si-punk rocker JULIETTE LEWIS have to debut their new film in an afternoon band concert in Los Angeles on Thursday (05Feb09).
5.2.09 08:21

International Motocross Hawkstone Park 1st March 2009

In a pre-season shake down, the stars of the whole scene Motocros go head to head in battle and preparing for the World Championship and British seasons.. Once again, started the countdown for the 12th consecutive meeting international motocross at Hawkstone Park maintained by HIMX.
5.2.09 08:21

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